I have always disliked those “tell us about yourself paragraphs.” I didn’t like doing it when I had a bit part in a high school musical (which, just to be clear, is not THE High School Musical)… I still don’t like doing it now. The only thing that kept me from starting this page off with a picture of Napoleon Dynamite talking about “great skills” is my fear of being punished for copyright infringement.

There’s a reasonable likelihood, if you are on this page, that you have already seen me in the clinic. I’m pretty sure I don’t have top billing for anything on Google.

I graduated from North High School in Davenport, went to Coe College in Cedar Rapids, and then went to medical school at the University of Iowa. I did a masters in public health and in health adminstration in between my 2nd and 3rd year of med school. I graduated medical school in 2011 and completed my residency in family medicine and psychiatry at the University of Iowa in 2016. I practiced a little bit at the Abbe Center for Community Mental Health, at Genesis in Davenport, and at Mercy in Iowa City before settling down to my current position trying to be a one-woman show.

I am a buprenorphine prescriber and a certified clinical trauma professional (CCTP-II), and a significant portion of my practice is focused on integrated trauma treatment including physical health care, psychiatric medication management, and psychotherapy.

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